November 23, 2009

The most precious thing…

I’m going to take a minute to get serious here. Just for a minute, although I am sure the subject will be sobering forever.

I’ve been lurking in the mommy blogging world for some time now, getting to know all the superstars, and getting many hours of entertainment from their savvy, brilliant and humorous writing. Eventually, you learn that a number of the main characters all know each other well, and have formed a little community of each other across the continent. These women are bright and witty but very often have tragic or life-altering back stories that definitely inform, but do not hamper their will to live.

Recently, one member of the close-knit community (who I have never met and never knew of until now) had a stroke. A terrible, debilitating incident that has left her in hospital in critical care as she tries to gain consciousness and her family fights for her. Tragic enough as it is, right? Well, here’s the rest of the story. Many of the mommies know this woman because she fought hard for her daughter to beat childhood cancer (leukemia) not long ago, and had another stroke a few years back when said daughter was only an infant. This woman has worked tirelessly for the cause, supported her daughter and kept her family together and even found it in herself to be a pillar of strength for the other mommies out there who needed her experience and insight.

Now, she lays in a hospital bed incapacitated, with her husband and family and close friends praying for her recovery. The prognosis is dire, but they all believe in her will to live.

As I think about the situation, I can’t help but cling tightly to my own little one, and be eternally thankful we are all in relatively good health and have so far been pretty fortunate. I realize my little one is a tremendous treasure that I am responsible for protecting and coveting. I can’t even fathom not having the ability to do that.

I’d encourage everyone to reach out and think of a way to help someone who is in need. Project yourself in their positions for even a minute, try to feel the heartbreak or the desperation that they feel all day, every day as they try to survive. Think of what it would mean to them to receive a little bit of help, whether it’s your time, or other resources, or just your presence. It’s too easy to forget when we are so consumed with daily survival.


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