November 17, 2009

Here we go again...

Well, I got knocked up again.

And what better time to finally start a new blog?

I mean, here I was just sitting around on a typical day, nothing to do except everything I already hadn't achieved, and finally decided to take the plunge and start my mommy blog. Although I love my work, writing about brow-furrowing serious stuff made my eyes cross and, to be completely frank, my mental capacity (being greatly diminished by the conception and subsequent birth of Version 1.0) is barely enough to remember what I last posted about.

My hidden motivation is the ranks of awesomeness (see here, and here, and here) that I call the Mommy Blog World, and the visions of grandeur I harbour at participating alongside them (I know I am perhaps a little biased in this list and it is by no means exclusive, but these are among my favorite... and all Canadian).

As Version 1.0 is nearly 2, and Version 2.0 is due in May, I figure I've got some good material at the ready. Version 1.0 being the willful and oh-so-nearly-2 kind of girl she is, I may actually be looking for a little help and maybe even commisseration so I don't feel like such a whiner. Now that morning sickness is mostly over, and my gut doesn't yet feel like a bowling ball on steroids, I may have the energy to actually keep this up.

Lately, the Battle Royale is being waged against a particular animated children's series which involves lots of singing and dancing and Spanish. In small doses, it's great. When I go to bed at night with their songs in my head and I happen to know every word, it's bordering on prisoner-of-war torture. When Version 1.0 comes up with words I never knew she knew, I'm largely indebted to this well-crafted show, but I need some alternatives.

Last weekend, I staged a craft party for Version 1.0's little friends. The end result was a glorious mess of pipe cleaners, pompoms, sparkly glue and stickers but fun was had by all, in a largely unstructured way. Now, we are on to colouring books and magnetic doodly things that provide a smidgen of distraction. I am branding myself as the Worst Parent Ever for being so distracted with my work that I can't keep my kid focused on something less .... well, guilty, but we're trying. The recent monsoons in the area have prevented us from leaving the house, so no more parks for the time being.

Please save me from my child's obsession. How else can we have her entertain herself without turning her mind to mush, and allowing me to work? I've tried blunt scissors and scotch in her sippy but the end results were less than pretty.


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