December 14, 2009

Twinkle Toes

toes Reason #837 why I belong in the Bad Moms Club: Last night I painted my toddler’s toenails. I’ve never been one to want to adorn my child with our adulthood indulgences, whether or not we can justify them, and have no intention of piercing her ears or perming her hair.

However. What I do have a need for is some sanity and peace in my life, which is not often begotten through ignoring  my child’s demands for something she really, really really wants.

Version 1.0 has always been somewhat fixated on my painted toes. She calls them “Mommy’s pretty toes” and it’s gosh darned cute. She’s never wanted them for herself, but always commented on mine. She did decide after I cut her nails once that now she had “pretty toes”. Yesterday, however, she decided her baby doll wanted pretty toes. So, we painted Dolly’s toes. Looks very odd on a newborn, but whatevs, right?

After a few hours of obsessing on this, Version 1.0 decided she wanted “pretty toes”. I called her bluff, knowing she would shrink at the sight of the paintbrush, and she did. But then the insisting went on, and on, and on, and on for nearly two hours until I was going to pin her down and do it for her if she didn’t agree, just so I didn’t have to hear it again. Well this time she really did want it and stuck her foot out to receive my artistic esthetics. The end result – coral painted mini toes that have her absolutely over the moon.

I’ll admit it looks more than a little weird, and far too Toddlers and Tiaras (sick!) for me, but it makes her dance a little dance of excitement and pride, so I can overlook the shame I feel in giving in to this. And it’s not like it can’t come off, right? Someone please help me feel less trailer park about doing this to my 2-year-old. It was a funny little indulgence, right?

When I start buying her sparkly crowns and spray tan packages, please intervene.


Janine said...

Really? You horrid mother you!!!! Both my girls(and my hubby) have had painted toenails and fingernails and seem relatively normal. Bear in mind, we sometimes get the kid that is VERY different than what we were as kids...she may just turn out to be a sparkly, pink fluffy girl(with a good head on her shoulders). I am a pretty girly girl and have one daughter that should wear hockey gear when she heads out the door...busted her surfing a crazy carpet down the neighbours driveway last night. She still likes 'pretty toes' though...

linseyv said...

Tim took Natasha to the fingernail painting booth at a local fair when she was 16 mos! I was actually quite horrified. Toenails are cute but fingernails are somewhat frightening.

The Guy's Perspective said...

I think it's totally fine! My daughter loves painting her nails and toenails too.

Just think what you have to look forward to?
Tattoos and tongue piercings.

I cringe thinking about it!

Happy Holidays!

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